Valuable Leadership Presence Mastermind

This robust 12-month group coaching program will help you:

  • Accelerate your Leadership Development with Durability
  • Generate  Meaningful Influence and Create Valuable Results
  • Master the Art & Science of Leadership
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Level-Up Your Emotional Intelligence!

Learn how to better manage your emotions, your energy and leverage your natural intelligence.

Evidence-Based Executive Presence

Unique insights and structure to develop and implement a personalized plan. Improve your influence and impact with the only scientific executive presence model and other validated tools.

Proven Methods, Tools and Pro-Tips

Curated content that includes tools, techniques, recommending reading and more, based on decades of leadership expertise.

Amazing, Unparalleled Support

Unrivaled personal attention and development through live 90-minute group with hot-seat coaching, private LinkedIn group, and individual support options.

Velocity & Durability

Accelerate your development with  anytime access to evidence-based tools created by industry thought leaders. Consolidated and curated for dynamic, real results.

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The Truth About Leadership

It Takes Contextual Balance

Being present, yet bringing a breadth and depth of current reality comprehension. You will learn more about your strengths and how to balance them for maximum efficacy. You will learn ways to manage your energy and emotions so that you to inspire more action. 

It's A Relationship

This unique program applies hard-science to soft and strategic skills. You will learn tried and true methods from human development, leadership, neuroscience, and ideas that are verified to build your insight, influence and impact.

Valuable Masterind Program Features


Evidence-based neuroscience delivers knowledge that stays with you.


Leadership development content and coaching that matters to you.


Skill and mindset growth that meshes neatly with your situation.

The Valuable Leadership Model


Authenticity, yes! Combined with the mindset and skills you need to be the leader you want to be. Stand in confident presence.


The context and the current reality matter. See the situation and use tactics, strategies, vision and action that leverage the circumstances.


Serve with intention and inspiration by telling the truth and offering hope. Create circumstances that mitigate risks and grow human potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 12-month program includes:

  • Two live (and recorded) group video sessions monthly loaded with action-oriented instruction and hot-set coaching 
  • Unlimited access to online content that is carefully curated to maximize usefulness and value
  • Private discussion groups
  • Upto 36 CEUs 
  • High caliber, scientifically valid personality assessment
  • Access, instruction, and coaching on world's only scientifically designed executive presence model from certified 
  • Pro-tips, unique and simple techniques and an abundance of tools 
  • Measurably more leadership confidence
  • Growth with velocity on your individual leadership goals
  • Command of new knowledge that's practical, applicable, proven, and meaningful to you and your situation.
  • A plan and motivation for the next steps.
  • An ongoing community of support.

There will be more than 30 lessons in the year-long program.


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